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_Radio Inspections by SHIPTRON are done by our very well trained and dedicated service technicians who are keen to discover all your technical radio problems and give a good advice to solve these reliable and cost-efficient.

Our reports, in English, Dutch or German give you a good insight on the current status and inform you clearly on the actions to be taken.

SHIPTRON Radio Inspection services

Our Radio Inspection Service offers complete tests for offshore and marine radio stations. We proof your equipment on board. SHIPTRON is your dedicated radio inspector for all your radio equipment on board.

Radio Inspection conformity

SHIPTRON is well equipped for radio inspections at offshore or wind farm installations conform the Dutch mining act and NOGEPA guideline no.10 (Inspectie Telecommunicatiemiddelen) and shipping conform SOLAS rules. Radio Inspections will be conducted conform GMDSS, NOGEPA, SOLAS, non-SOLAS whichever is applicable.

Equipment to be inspected

  • VHF marine radio
  • VHF-DSC controllers
  • MF/HF SSB installations
  • MF/HF DSC controllers
  • Inmarsat equipment
  • SART 9Ghz
  • AIS
  • VHF handheld radio’s
  • PLB beacons
  • AIS-MOB ‘s
  • AIS AtoN
  • Aeronautical VHF ground stations
  • Aeronautical N.D. ground beacons

Survey reports

We provide radio inspection and spectral analysis (site scan) survey reports to the customer in English, Dutch or German language.

_The automatic identification system called AIS is an automatic tracking system used on board of ships, on shore and by VTS – Vessel Traffic Services

Originally AIS was meant for ships to avoid collisions with other ships. Nowadays VTS use AIS Base Stations to provide additional traffic awareness and information about the configuration and movements of ships. IMO and SOLAS rules require professional vessels, platforms and workboats to be fitted with Automatic Identification System transponder aboard.

AIS knowledge

SHIPTRON acts as importer of various AIS equipment from the beginning of AIS in this market. Through experience and expertise in all possible applications Shiptron has built a reputation as a knowledge provider in all areas that have to do with AIS.

Advice and solutions

SHIPTRON is your reliable partner and provides expert advice and solutions for pleasure boats, inland navigation (Inland AIS) and seagoing vessels.

Accredited by ‘Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport’

In 2009 this led to government recognition of companies for AIS equipment on board, issued by the Dutch Inspector-General of Environment and Transport (ILT). SHIPTRON is recognized by ILT for the competence of installation, replacement and monitoring of the functioning of Inland AIS transponders as well as for the issue of the declaration of incorporating Inland AIS.

_All our Radio Inspectors have valid H.U.E.T. certificates to NOGEPA 0.5A, VCA full certificate, OSA and compressed air EBS, Marcom-A and valid medical papers.

_site scans


Interference of frequencies may occur by other electrical equipment at shore-based radio systems and AIS equipment. Our technicians are trained to find the optimal location for your antennas by spectral analysis of all frequency interruptions. The submitted report will explain and advice you with solutions to solve the irregularities.

_Offshore Radio Communication Surveys

For offshore installations we can proof all marine and aeronautical radio communication equipment for:

  • Platform-to-ship radio communication
  • Platform-on-board radio communication
  • Heli radio communication