SHIPTRON has implemented a very efficient radio flight watch centre from a central location at the North Sea, back in 2015. With new insights the client asked to move the centre completely to Den Helder in 2018.


Sea region of about 250 Nm with 6 locations

By means of 6 aeronautical Jotron radio transceiver locations spread over a Sea area of about 250 Nm, from platform to platform, the central radio operator can keep flight watch over more than 20 locations. At 6 locations spread over the North Sea in an area of about 250 Nm from platform to platform, aeronautical Jotron radio transceivers were installed so the central radio operator can keep flight watch over more than 20 locations for a major North Sea offshore operator.

Reduction of flight watch hours

The central radio operator relieves the personnel at platforms from keeping local flight watch. This results in a tremendous reduction of local flight watch working hours for all platform personal.

Observator® weather station

Especially when the helicopter is proceeding with inter field flights. For this purpose the operation location was upgraded with an Observator® weather station consisting of a cloud base sensor, visibility and precipitation sensor, air pressure & temperature sensor.

Design, supply and commissioning by SHIPTRON

All radio, antennas, meteo & electronic design, the supply of equipment as well as the internet radio commissioning at all locations was done by SHIPTRON MCS BV. The system has become operational in 2014 and is moved to a shore location in 2018.
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