Shiptron now offers the solution for every operator to guard the 500m zone for incoming vessels whilst the crew is also protected with an AIS-MOB alarm whenever an AIS-PLB is activated near the platform: AGMOS

The AGMOS consists of an advanced 19-inch AIS AtoN (Aid to Navigation) main processor unit that makes the platform, wind farm or obstruction on which AGMOS is placed, visible on the electronic sea charts for navigation on any ship within VHF coverage.

AIS alarm when vessel enters 500 meter zone

AGMOS activates an alarm if an AIS vessel enters the 500 meter zone from the set geographical position (Geo-fencing). The AtoN in AGMOS has a powerful 12.5 watt transmitter, guaranteeing for sufficient area coverage.


Visible and audible MOB alarm when activated AIS MOB beacon

Also, there is a man-overboard alarm available that makes each activated AIS MOB beacon visible and audible to the display terminal unit. The processor unit is equipped with alarm indication LEDs. The alarm outputs consist of floating switch contacts N.O. and N.C.

AGMOS display terminal(s) in control room, radio room or onshore

The AGMOS display terminal has a display that can be placed anywhere within the existing Ethernet network, e.g. in the control room, radio room or onshore. The display terminal provides a visual representation of the area around the platform with the AIS targets. An active alarm is audible and visible on the display terminal. The number of display terminals is without restrictions within the same IP network and network mask.


AGMOS remote processor alarms any location by IP

The AGMOS remote processor consists of a 19” module which makes alarm through a floating contact at any location within the network. Thus, to -for example- control the alarms in a CCR (Central Control Room) or on a main platform, that are being generated elsewhere in the AtoN main processor unit. (ABIP = Alarm By IP).


Applicable in all industrial marine environments

AGMOS requires standard power supply of 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz. Because of this enormous broad and tolerant power range the AGMOS is applicable in all industrial marine environments where the power supply is less accurate.

Optional 12 or 24 volt version for unmanned locations

An optional 12 or 24 volt version is available for power supply from e.g. solar panels or small wind generators on unmanned locations. This option keeps everything completely electrically isolated from the power supply.
The AGMOS has an extremely low power usage of an average 10 watts or less. Thus, it is especially suited for powering with solar power.

Shut down mode

The AGMOS processor unit has an internal “safe shutdown mode” so there is no loss of data in case of power failure or interruption. It stays in safe hibernation for >200 hours. If the power supply is restored it will perform a completely automatic system start. This allows the system to operate completely unattended.

PLB-MOB alarm

The AGMOS-system has a dedicated ALARM that is triggered when an activated AIS-MOB device or AIS-PLB is received. An extra, floating contact will be activated as a M.O.B. alarm. The M.O.B. will be visualized on the AGMOS display terminal. Rescue craft can be directed to the M.O.B. adequately.

History replay

A notable feature in the program is the “History Replay function” . Each activation of the alarm is always written in a log file as long as the alarm is activated, up to 10 minutes after the alarm ends. The log-file can be played back later. As a result, it is always possible for system specialists to analyse incidents & calamities afterwards.

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