The SHIPTRON AIS listener is a robust AIS stand alone receiver with 4G realtime communication for outdoor use.
A perfect solution for AIS receiving networks, like harbour area’s, fairways or coastal coverage.

Due its extreme receiver sensitivity the covered area can be enormous. To cover your area, a few AIS listeners could be sufficient. The AIS listener can be used to fill-in the blind spots within your area.

Shiptron AIS Listener

AIS Listener used by Dutch authorities


The Shiptron AIS listener is already in use by the Dutch authorities and meets the high digital and network standards as demanded by the Dutch authorities.

Several communication protocols are possible like encrypted VPN.

AIS Listener possibilities

  • The AIS listener is capable to transfer its own geographical satellite position if desired.
  • The AIS data is standard transferred by 4G network or fixed Ethernet connection.
  • The AIS listener is standard protected against lightning surge and short power failures.
The Shiptron AIS listener can operate with a very low power consumption from 230VAC or 10-36VDC and in a temperature range between -20° tot +50°C.

A solar powered version is available for off grid areas.

The enclosure is IP67 water resistant with a goretex membrane against condensation.

The choice between wall or pole mounting depends of the position of the AIS listener to thrive for the best operational spot.

The AIS listener can be provided with special measures for highly radio crowded locations like a maritime traffic center.

Fully weatherproof the Shiptron AIS listener can be situated at offshore wind-farms or platforms. Rough weather conditions in coastal areas are no problem for this device.

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