AIS AID to Navigation: ATON

AIS systems from different vessels, platforms, buoys, etc. share information among themselves, creating a network, which includes speed of the vessels, position of Oil Platforms, Offshore Wind farms, location of buoys, and weather conditions, among many other pieces of information.

Aid to Navigation physical or virtual buoys are nowadays fitted with AIS to make them visible to the marine traffic that passes. With specialized hardware in combination with AIS-software it is possible to point virtual AIS beacons also on spots that are too remote or too dangerous to visit sur place.



“A device or system external to vessels that is designed and operated to enhance the safe and efficient navigation of vessels and/or vessel traffic”.

– IALA definition

  • An AIS AtoN (Aid to Navigation) is an AIS transmitter specially designed to facilitate navigation in known hazards such as lighthouses, light buoys and beacons.
  • An AtoN transmits an accurate position and thus shows exactly where a light buoy, a wind turbine or other navigational hazard is located in the waterway.
  • An AtoN can be connected to various sensors, such as weather and hydrological sensors that transmit relevant data at the location of the AtoN. The data sent by the sensor is combined with the AtoN’s own data (AIS data) and sent. This makes information available that makes navigation easier / more simple. Customer specific information that is only relevant to selected vessels can also be sent with the AIS data by implementation via a special interface.
  • An AtoN can also be linked to e.g. a lamp in a lighthouse or a battery, so that continuous information about the lamp or battery status is displayed – in a simple and inexpensive way.
  • An AIS AtoN can be linked to a light either for lamp maintenance monitoring, or for more advanced light status and configuration (e.g. changing flash codes).
  • An AIS AtoN runs on a solar powered battery system, designed to provide sufficient power to the AtoN and all other equipment on the platform, in all weather conditions.

New communication technologies have enabled Shiptron to create compact electronic systems that can be easily integrated in any beaconing installation, including: X+S band, frequency-agile Racons of new generation, and transmitter-receiver AIS AtoN units strictly accomplishing international standards. All these systems are completed with a specific software under Web environment able to combine AIS and Remote Monitoring features, which provides the user with continual information availability from any Internet access point.

AIS Aid to Navigation Aton


True Heading, renown for their AIS products for commercial and leisure markets, completes the AIS product range with Carbon AtoN TR. Carbon AtoN is a certified Type 1 and Type 3 AIS AtoN. Offering a full range of features, including transmission of virtual AtoN targets, simple integration with lanterns and external sensors plus over the air configuration and chaining.
The toughened enclosure is designed for continuous, long term use in even the most extreme environments from the equator to the poles.


  • Certified Type 1 and Type 3
  • Proven operational reliability
  • Ultra low power consumption in all operating modes
  • Multiple flexible sensor interfaces
  • IIntegrated GPS antenna with optional external input
  • Designed and manufactured for the toughest of environments

Another option to use AIS AtoN is our AGMOS system, which contains an AIS AtoN in a 19″ modular cabinet and a processor unit for monitoring the 500m guard zone locally and remotely. This AGMOS system can be combined with remote operated IP controlled VHF communication systems.

More information about AGMOS on this page.

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