_JFS-280 Expert Sonar

High performance sonar capable of detecting any type of fish

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_JFS-280 Expert Sonar

Enhanced fish tracking performance by the stabilizer function

The high-precision stabilizer function installed in this compact JFS-280 Expert Sonar ensures tracking of a target fish school even in rough seas.

Stable beams keeping targets on track

Beams unstable due to ship motions

Newly designed transducer with significantly expanded detection range

High beam output and long pulse by increasing the size (1.4 times of its predecessor)

Comparison of sizes

  • Stainless steel dome transducer with a strong anti-corrosion feature, contributing to a reduction of maintenance cost
  • Safety design that automatically stores the transducer when the vessel speed exceeds the specified level
  • Hoisting unit designed to shut down the power immediately at abnormality

Enhanced visibility by the narrow-angle beams

Quick beam angle change function to detect fish schools easily Narrow angle beams provide a sign of a weak reflection of a fish school as well as improved visibility of schools of shoal fish and rock fish.

Optimum mode selection according to the operation condition

The JFS-280 provides high-definition images covering 32 color video output with a sharp 19-inch high resolution LCD (1280 x 1024 pixels). The JFS-280 clearly displays the distribution and density of a fish school. You can select the most suitable mode according to your operation condition.

High operability inherited from the successful predecessor

Five optimum fish types are preset in the IMAGE knob. You can select the suitable operation simply by turning the knob.

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