_RT-1000 VHF Radio Direction Finder (VDF) System

The RT-1000 VDF system is designed specifically for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) applications and complies with ICAO and DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) requirements.



The RT-1000 radio direction finder, which has become the benchmark in its class, is also known under the Rohde & Schwarz designation PA030. More than 150 systems are currently in use worldwide.



The RT-1000 VDF is used as an ATC navigation aid that allows controllers on the ground to transmit QDMs to the pilot or verify position reports received from aircraft. Bearing information can also be integrated into a radar screen, which makes it possible to immediately assign radio messages to the right targets on the radar display.

The RT-1000 is also suitable for stationary VTS applications to control the vessel traffic close to the coast.


Special Features

  • High-precision Doppler radio direction finder
  • 8.33 kHz channel spacing in the VHF air band available
  • Extremely high rotation frequency for fast signal processing
  • Compact antenna system for simple installation
  • Antenna location independent of controller workstation
  • No infrastructure required for remote operation
  • Maintenance-friendly modular construction
  • RS-232 interface to permit system integration
  • Frequency range:
    • Aviation band: 118.000 … 136.975 MHz
    • Marine band: 156.000 … 174.000 MHz
  • Various scanning modes
  • Two or more simultaneous channels optionally available
  • Multichannel systems up to 24 simultaneous cannels possible


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