_RT-800 4-Band VTS Radio Direction Finder

The RT-800 is a radio direction finder for stationary coast surveillance and identification of ships that are transmitting on the VHF radio band.



The bearing information from transmitters can be correlated with the corresponding radar target and AIS-position information at a VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) centre. Two or more RT-800 Systems on different locations can be used to locate a ship’s exact position by triangulation. The RT-800 can easily be integrated in a VTS environment.

The RT-800 operates on four frequency bands:

  • All 19 Cospas-Sarsat frequencies between 406.022 and 410.000 MHz
  • Marine VHF from 156.000 MHz to 162.025 MHz including channel 16
  • Civil VHF air band from 118.000 MHz to 123.999 MHz, including the international emergency frequency of 121.500 MHz
  • Military air band from 240.000 MHz to 245.975 MHz including the military emergency frequency of 243.000 MHz

Special Features

  • Best relation of performance and price
  • Decoding of transmissions on all 19 Cospas-Sarsat channels
  • Bearing (finding the direction) of the Cospas Sarsat
  • Full manual operational functionality at installation site for calibration and service
  • Fast frequency monitoring by scanning of up to 8 frequencies
  • Low costs due to no moving parts
  • Easy and reasonable priced installation as no patched HF antenna cable has to be used
  • Effective remote operation via RS-232, Ethernet and LAN
  • Extreme compact, rugged and light-weight DF antenna for easy installation and use in maritime weather conditions
  • Maintenance-free due to no moving parts
  • External lightning protection available


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